Community Mondays

Join Us in Making a Difference!

Community engagement is at the heart of everything we do. We believe in giving back to the place that has always supported us – our hometown of Hampton and the surrounding Seacoast area. Our commitment to the community is unwavering, and we invite you to be a part of our mission to make a positive impact.

Community Mondays (4-9PM)

We understand the importance of organizations and initiatives that rely on donations to thrive. From youth activities to local charities, these efforts play a vital role in shaping our community. That’s why, since 2012, we’ve been hosting “Community Mondays” at our restaurants.

On these special nights, we open our doors to charities and nonprofits, allowing them to use our space to raise awareness and funds. We contribute a percentage of our sales to the cause, and your organization can also offer raffles silent auctions, and collect donations directly. We want to help your organization get the exposure and funding needed to make a difference.

Last year, we celebrated a significant milestone – surpassing the $1 million mark in donations to local Seacoast organizations. We’ve extended this spirit of giving to all of Pine Hospitality Group, including Oven Epping, Shane’s BBQ in Hampton, Sidebar in Hampton, Four Pines Brewing in Hampton, Susie’s Sweets in Hampton, Backyard Burgers and Wings in Seabrook, Susie’s Sweets also in Seabrook, and Backyard Bar in Hampton.

How does it work?

Please get in touch with us if you’re interested in getting involved whether through cash donations, raising awareness, or other means. We can tailor our approach to your preferences, ensuring your support aligns with your goals.

Get started today!

Please fill out this form with any questions about fundraising opportunities or to discuss how we can help your organization on one of our Community Mondays. Someone from our team will get back to you within 24 hours if not sooner to get the ball rolling!

Join us in making our community stronger and more vibrant through fundraising, outreach, and collaboration. Together we can create a brighter future for the Seacoast!